My Journey

Every Step, Every Triumph: The Story of My Professional Adventure.

  • Frontend Team Lead

    Tile Mountain

    Jun 2020 - Present

    This is a UK based company, where a team of developers are working remotely on the company product. Under this company I have worked on VueJS framework Vue Storefront, It's an ecommerce application which our company is using as a frontend for Magento 2, I have worked on various products of this company that are built on Vue Storefront application.
    I am currently assigned as Team Lead, where while assigning my team tasks on JIRA and Clickup and helping them out with issues and problems with vuejs is also part of my daily routine.
    I also did set up a continuous Integration and deployments (CI/CD) for the Company for automating the deployments and testing processes. Both for Magento and Vuestore.
    Currently we are in process of migration to Vuestorefront2, that is based on Nuxt 3

  • Senior Full Stack Developer

    Creativetech Solutions

    May 2016 - May 2020

    Under this company i developed and worked in PHP frameworks (Codeigniter 3 and Laravel 5.4 / 5.5), Thou also did worked in different CMS such as created plugins in joomla, moved a ning site to jomsocial with huge amount of data from ning to jomsocial with custom made scripts by me. Worked in third party API’s such as mongodb, github, bitbucket, facebook etc also being responsible for keeping servers working, had implemented the continuous integration and continuous deployment.
    I worked in an agile environment using the JIRA application, and our continuous deployment is handled by the semaphore and the application that I worked on was on a live amazon aws ec2-elasticbeanstalk server.

  • Senior PHP Developer


    Dec 2014 - Apr 2016

    I joined this company as a Senior PHP Developer, and with time I got to the position of Team Lead, where I have worked on a variety of projects from small websites to big products, some of them I have mentioned below. Most projects/Products i have worked under this company were developed under the Codeigniter framework with mysql database on backend. But i was not only limited to these 3 frameworks and worked on wordpress, even worked once on a small issue of C# .NET, so it was challenging working in an environment where I had to deal with project varieties.
    Another role as a team lead I had to work with the internees and other junior developers, had to lead them and utilize their efficiency in a manner that they could be productive for the company, by dividing the existing project workload and assigning tasks to team members depending on their capabilities.

  • Senior PHP Developer && Designing Team Lead

    Smart Bakhtar Solutions

    Jan 2013 - Sep 2014

    Started Career in this company as a Senior Web Designer, and with time i got enrolled in PHP projects with small PHP scripts, as i had a PHP background knowledge so utilizing that and working hard expanded my boundaries to work on different JS libraries such as “Kendo.js”, “data-tables (with server side processing)” alongside a new framework “codeigniter” in this company, and went on developing different applications. with time passing by and my full attention and hardship, explored new areas using PHP and earned myself a badge for senior PHP developer, and with that i had two different roles of “Designing Team Lead”, “Senior PHP Developer”

  • Frontend Developer (Internship)

    Telic Technologies

    Jun 2012 - Dec 2012

    Worked on different designs, Tools i had mostly used here Photoshop and Dreamweaver, it was the start of my career. and technologies i have worked with HTML/CSS/bootstrap, created designs for variety of websites, designed brochures, catalogues, PSD layouts for websites
    During this time I was also working as a designer for a small project of .NET web application where it was hosted on a local server with continuous integration TFS(Team Foundation Server).
    Making the website User friendly and Mobile Friendly with bootstrap, and some tweakings.