Best of 2023 - Recap of my blog posts

It's time for a recap of my blog post journey of 2023. Writing this kind of article helps tracking progress over the years, share it with the community and hopefully inspire others when they see the positive outcome of getting into blog post writing.

What to expect from this article: 1. Some statistics, 2. Best articles of 2023, 3. Price winning and featured article, 4. Article with most readers, 5. Price winning article, 6. Best articles of all time

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Some statistics<a name="one"></a>

Started with 9 articles in 2021 and 700 followers, wrote 69 articles and increased follower count to 3789 in 2022. I was far away of being that active in 2023, but still made some great progress.

In 2023, I

Best articles of 2023 😎<a name="two"></a>

I have selected the following articles according to the number of readers on and Hashnode, or whether they have won a badge or a prize.

Price winning and featured article<a name="three"></a>

My best winning article 🏆 of 2023 was How debugging for accessibility helped me finally understand useRef, originally written for the Hashnode DebuggingFeb Hackathon.

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It got almost 1300 views on Hashnode and 272 views on, and got featured on Hashnode, which led to a big win at the Hackathon I am proud of.

I loved writing it as it was about accessibility, which always comes with an ease.

Article with most readers<a name="four"></a>

My best article with the most readers, over 13k was HTML can do this? Part 1.

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I am delighted that the article about the possibilities of HTML has been so well received. Hopefully many readers will implement some of these suggestions and make the web a little more accessible.

Price winning article<a name="five"></a>

The most read article on Hashnode with 1400 readers, and runner-up 🏅 in the MindsDB x Hashnode Hackathon, was Develop Interview-Winning Portfolio Projects with MindsDB Predictions.

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I did not make any improvements to the project since then, but the idea is still cool, I believe.

Best articles of all time<a name="six"></a>

Best article is How To Create A Timer With React from 2022, with over 100k readers.

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How To Create A Stunning GitHub Profile from 2021, is still in the Top 3, with 40k views on

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Thank you so much for all the support you have given me since the beginning of my writing journey. I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you